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Denise Wright is a Board Certified and Licensed Behavior Analyst. Denise works as an Adjunct Professor at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and serves as the President and C.E.O. of Behavior Change Success Corp Behavior Consulting Agency  She has a Master's of Science from NOVA Southeastern University in Counseling Psychology and is active in her role as an experienced B.C.B.A. Denise Continues her advancement as a student attending the Phd  in Clinical Psychology through Walden University. She remains active as a behavior analyst; providing autism focused social skills training, Behavior consulting for schools, working with children, their families and other service providers, while providing ongoing supervision for those seeking their certification and Licensing in Behavior Analysis. 


Denise’s extensive training and background in Functional Behavioral Analysis and Behavior Intervention Plans, have made her a resourceful professional within her field. In addition to working as an online professor and direct behavior consultant, Denise has written and hosted several training seminars in hospitals, schools and private settings, covering topics such as Introduction to Behavior Analysis, Discrete Trials, and Home based Program Development, to name a few. Her career advice can be found on The Chicago School of Professional Psychology online monthly newsletter. Her passion and dedication to her career is further demonstrated through her current research projects that include: Investigating Effects of Improved Data Collection Accuracy through the use of Electronic Advancements, Investigating the use of Applied Behavior Analytic Strategies to increase Cardiovascular Exercises and Investigating Effects of using Behavior Modification Strategies for Increasing Compliance to Diabetic Dietary Restrictions. 


As a member of the New York State Association for Behavior Analysis and Association of Professional Behavior Analysts and member of the  American Psychological Association,Denise extends herself to all opportunities that keep her knowledge of ABA up to date. Having attended numerous ABA conferences, Denise makes it a point to acquire additional, applicable knowledge throughout all of her experiences, to better apply her efforts in providing effective services in all that she does. With over 15 years of experience as an educator, consultant and ABA technology innovator, she has been recognized among her peers as a person with integrity and drive that effectively makes positive, life lasting changes for those whom she services. 

President and CEO of Behavior Change Success Corp  

Denise Wright

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